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5 Quick Exam Prep Tips!

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 05 Dec 2014       


It’s that time of the year … when exams are approaching, and you really don’t have the time for huge articles. So here are FIVE quick and easy study tips to help you get those exams over and done with!

1. Prepare you study space.

You need to be able to study without distractions. Clean up the clutter, space out the handouts and notebooks, turn off the TV, block all the social networks and get to work. The right study space will help you concentrate and actually get the work done.

 2. Teaching is the best kind of learning out there.

Explain what you’ve studied to someone else. Even if you don’t fully understand a concept, trust me on this, you will figure it out once you try explaining it to someone else. And once you do, you won’t forget it. It’s a foolproof plan!

3. Practice on old exams or quizzes.

Not for nothing did your teacher give you all those assignments, exercises and problems throughout the semester. That’s basically what you need to know. So go over them. Solve the quizzes that were handed to you. Remember how to find the solution for the problems you might have gotten wrong. Go over the material that you already have. It’s a no-brainer. Besides, teachers may actually end up giving you exactly the same problems and just change the numbers a bit.

4. Organize!

Know what you are going to study and when. Plan out a schedule depending on which exams come earlier and for which you have some extra days. Perhaps, you are confident in one subject but know that you’ll need some more study time for another. Take this into account. Break down each subject into parts and take it one part at a time. You cannot just dive into it all and expect to grasp everything right away. Give your brain information in organized parts and let it settle down.

 5. Get enough rest and eat right.

Exam time is a stressful time. Don’t make it any harder on your body by not sleeping or not eating right. Don’t forget the breakfast, grab a healthy lunch and a quick snack for dinner. Make sure to catch enough of those Zzzzzz’s. Sleep! I mean it!

So there you have it. Five simple steps to help you survive exams. Now all you need is just a little bit of luck. So good luck from us here at!

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