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Simple Steps to a Faster PC

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 15 Jan 2015       

Faster PC TipsThe only thing worse than slow internet access is a slow computer that can’t handle the internet well anyway! Do you remember those times when your computer was fast? When it didn’t crash or freeze up every day? Those were the days…. Luckily, we can get those days back! As it turns out, there are some things that just slow down the system and you have the power to make them disappear. Here are 4 simple steps with Windows 8 pictures to give you the power over your computer speed.

Remove any programs you do not use.

Go to Control Panel – Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove a Program, for earlier version of Windows). Now you have a list of all programs installed on your computer. You can sort them by name, by installation date and some other parameters. It’s time to remove unneeded programs. Important! Do NOT uninstall a program unless you are completely sure that you don’t need it! If you sort the list by installation date, then most likely the programs at the very bottom of the list are mandatory. Nevertheless, if you see something unfamiliar, just google it to see what it is responsible for. Wouldn’t want to leave your computer with now sounds like we did once…

Removing Programs Step 1Removing Programs Step 2Removing programs step 3

Prevent unneeded programs from starting right away.

The more programs attempt to start when your computer turns on, the longer it will take for it to startup. You can check and uncheck the unnecessary startup programs by going to MSConfig. Go to Search – MSConfig – Startup and uncheck all the extra programs that are slowing down your computer from the beginning. For earlier version of Windows, the search box is located when you go to the Start menu.


Run a Disk Cleanup.

This is even easier than the first two steps. Go to My Computer – right click on Dick C – Properties and you’ll see a pie chart in from of you. This shows how much free space you have on your computer. For a PC to work well, it needs about 15% of free space, so make sure your computer is not overloaded with movies, music, large files and totally out of space. On the bottom right of the pie chart you will see the Disk Cleanup button. This option can delete hundreds of temporary and unneeded files. Once it goes though the preliminary process it will open a window in which you can choose what to delete. Don’t worry and check all the boxes except for the game and setup files. The system will prevent you from deleting anything needed with a popup window.

Disk CleanUp Step 1Disc CleanUp Step 2

Optimize and Defragment Drive.

To let your hard drive store information more efficiently, run the optimization and defragmentation of the drive. Make sure not to confuse it with the fragmentation. Fragmentation of a drive will delete all information from it. So defragmentation is what we want to do. Go to My Computer – right click on Dick C – Properties – Tools. On older versions of Windows this function is called “Defragment Now”, but on Windows 8 it shows up as “Optimize”. You can also check the disc for errors. This option is available right above optimization.


There is something to remember about the Disk Cleanup and Optimization. These can take some time and you won’t be able to clean up and optimize the drive where the system files are stored right away. You’ll be scheduling it for when your computer starts up again. So after going through all of the above steps go ahead and restart your computer. Don’t be scared, it will start with a black screen with a bunch of letters on it. That’s your computer cleaning itself up. No worries. Hope these simple steps will let your computer go from turtle speed to blasting off to infinity and beyond.

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