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Balancing Time vs Money – What You Need To Know

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 28 Mar 2014           

I had a friend during graduate school who would pay to have her laundry done by a service. She had two children, and was by no means wealthy. One day I asked her how she could even think of wasting money by having someone else do her laundry for her when she could just do it herself and save money.  She looked at me with a pitying stare and said, “There are two things in life that you can spend: time, or money, and right now I’m shorter on time.”

The time commitments to her family and her school meant having to pay for things that I had the luxury of doing in my down time. Compared to her, I was time-rich. This meant that I always budgeted to optimize for saving what little money I had.

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The Importance of Budgeting as a Student

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 20 Jan 2014           

Amidst all the revelry, independence and excitement (complemented, in an ideal world, by some studying) that is synonymous with student life, it’s easy to get carried away. The world is at your feet, the student union may as well be at your door and, perhaps most importantly, the student loan is, allowing for any Student Finance-related error, in your bank account.

Student loan day has become something of an institution in the calendar of students nationwide; though not quite on a par with a bank holiday, the payment – often reaching £3000 – invariably culminates in purchases not quite tallying with the collective student’s actual income. Whether it’s a night out, a lavish new television or, as in the case of a friend of mine from my university days, a deluge of DVD boxsets, it’s practically a given that you are bound to make some ostentatious buys quite incongruous with the squalor of your surroundings.
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