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Taking Notes the Right Way

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 04 Jan 2015       

Taking NotesWe’ve all heard that it’s important to go to class. But just going to class is not enough. If you really want to get something out of the time you spend in class, you need to take notes.

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Fun and productive winter break?

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 19 Dec 2014       

Fun and Productive Winter Break

Exams are FINALLY over… Winter break is fast approaching and you just cannot wait for it to be here. You are anxiously looking forward to all the free time you’ll be having. Instead of laying on the coach and watching endless TV shows for the next 2 weeks, try to do something memorable and, dare I say, productive? Invest the free time in yourself and your future career.

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6 things every college student should own

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 06 Nov 2014       

6 things every college student should ownThe start of college is a stressful time and it can keep being stressful if you don’t take the time to sit down and think about the must-have’s to make your life easier.

Here is a list of 6 simple and no-brainer things that will significantly ease your college lifestyle.


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Sororities: What You Need To Know

Written by: admin at 06 Nov 2013                 

Every sorority has been found on a college campus, and some are as old as one hundred years. They all have their founding members, whom you have to respect, and they all have serious benefits once you take a closer look.

As easy as it may sound, the primary requirement will be that you know and respect the history. Other than that, you will be required to pay membership fees, wear sorority attire, and foremost be proud that you are a member. It may sound boring but there is quite a lot of cool stuff associated with being a member.

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The Biggest Mistake International Students Make And Will Keep Making

Written by: admin at 12 Aug 2013           

The Chronicle reports that more than every third foreign student in the US wishes they had more American friends. That’s quite an appalling statistic, as international student body in the US is the biggest in the world. Something has to be done about that, school officials say.

This brings us to a question. Could it be that it’s something about international students that keeps them from interacting with Americans in a meaningful way that’s also long-term? Read more »

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