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Top Four Things Your Graduate Admissions Panel Is Looking For

Written by: Jeffry Jones at 25 Feb 2014             


A graduate degree in any field is a big step in your personal, academic, and professional life.It opens a lot of doors and lets you not only develop yourself, but contribute to a field and expand human knowledge. But, before you take this huge step, you need to apply. Your application will go to a panel of judges, sometimes drawn from the faculty you are applying for, and sometimes composed of admissions administrators (sometimes both). What this means is that you’ve got a group of experts deciding if you are right for their school. Read more »

Sororities: What You Need To Know

Written by: admin at 06 Nov 2013                 

Every sorority has been found on a college campus, and some are as old as one hundred years. They all have their founding members, whom you have to respect, and they all have serious benefits once you take a closer look.

As easy as it may sound, the primary requirement will be that you know and respect the history. Other than that, you will be required to pay membership fees, wear sorority attire, and foremost be proud that you are a member. It may sound boring but there is quite a lot of cool stuff associated with being a member.

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