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Admission Essay on Composing Music

When I was little, I was not afraid of darkness or monsters under my bed. There was the only thing I was afraid of. It was absolutely horrible, almost physically painful. It hurt my ears. It made me restless and upset. The only thing I was afraid of was silence.

The matter is that our huge house has hardly ever been silent. With five children, two dogs, three cats and our parents it has always been full of noise, laughter, jokes and music. Even when we all went to bed, our Mom took our old CD player and found a disk with Mozart music. And every evening I fell asleep listening to the wonderful, absolutely perfect sounds, which symbolized peace, quietness and harmony for me.

As I was growing older, I started realizing that whenever I felt terrified by the silence, I heard music in my head. First it was subtle and hardly audible, but in the course of time its sounds became more and more distinct. This was the time when I asked my parents for a piano and some music lessons. Luckily, they knew how important it was for me and soon I got what I wanted. That was the happiest day of my life, as since that time I have never had any doubts of what profession to choose.

I cannot imagine myself doing anything else instead of composing music. Creating a string of sounds which reflect my feelings and emotions is what I find fascinating, and peaceful expression on the faces of those people who are listening to my music is the greatest reward. And I hope that with the education I am planning to get, new creative paths will be accessible and I will be able to bring pleasure and happiness to more people.

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