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Admission Essay on History

In my childhood my grandfather told me lots of fascinating stories. They were full of different characters, such as Native Americans, heroic soldiers of the Civil War and the Second World War, ordinary people who built up their country despite all the hardships. I often asked my grandfather how I could know all this. And he would answer: “Boy, you should take part in it.” With time I understood that I can really take part in these events by bringing them back to life from the past, reading about them, researching the documents, studying the reasons and the consequences.

History surrounds us everywhere. It is visible in old buildings and churches. It is found in books of all genres. You see it on stage in the theatre where you have a unique possibility to surge into the atmosphere of the time. I strongly believe that without knowing history a person cannot get the comprehensive understanding of the present. What is more, it is not only true about the history of your native country. Only in connection with the history of the other countries in the world you will get the true picture of where you are and where you should go. So, we really can call history a link, which shapes the outlook and contributes to the development of the nation.

My ambition as a historian is to research the background and promote it into the future so that generations to come will be able to know about us as if we were sitting near them and telling them the stories of founding Microsoft, testing the collider and cloning Dolly.

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