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Admission Essay on Teaching

When I announced my choice of the future career to my family, their eagerness to support me was immediately replaced by skepticism. My mom looked at me in a thoughtful way and then asked in a voice full of doubts: “Do you remember that two years ago you told me you had better die than choose a career in teaching?” “Yes”, I answered unwillingly. “But you are confusing two different things: I do not want to become a teacher, I want to become a teacher of English for speakers of other languages”.

“And what is so different?” my family looked genuinely puzzled. For me the difference was drastic. First, work with students of other languages presupposes a lot of international communication when you have an opportunity to see the world and to get an insight into the way people live, into their traditions and mentality. At the same time, your mission is not confined to the simple presentation of the material and enumeration of the linguistic phenomena. By teaching a foreign language you become a mediator of the mentality and culture of your own nation, you create a bridge which will guarantee that communication between representatives of different peoples is successful.

The decision to choose a career in ELT has not been made spontaneously and I realize what a difficult sphere I have chosen. However, the challenge is really worth all my efforts. My future profession will not only combine pedagogy, linguistics, teaching methods, psychology, cultural studies, but also require positive attitude to life, frankness and sincerity, willingness to compromise and help. And this is what I am ready to bring into my future career if I am given a chance.

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