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Admissions Essay on the Effects in Society of the Increasing Number of Women in the Workforce

Impact of Increased Number of Working Women on the Society

With changing social trends and increased demand for members in the workforce, there are more opportunities for women to be employed. From corporate sector to the public administration, women now have the chance to obtain secure employment, provided they hold the right qualifications. Such changing trends have significant effects on the society in terms of accepting the idea of gender equality and the level of autonomy experienced by women.

With more women working at diverse jobs, the perception of them as of being less capable, less educated and less productive than men has changed. More and more people see them in equal status. This is one of the main reasons why I chose to further my studies and get a university degree, so that I could make a successful career and be recognized for my capabilities, regardless of my gender.

When employed, women also become more independent and self-sufficient. The financial security that comes from a good career provides them with an opportunity to stand on their own feet and make their own decisions. With more women joining the workforce, the society as a whole has come to accept that women have rights when it comes to choosing their desired lifestyle.

I have realized over the years that with commitment and dedication, people can achieve their goals and perform effectively, irrespective of their gender. Fortunately, most modern employers tend to agree with this point of view. This is why I, in my turn, would like to take advantage of the opportunities open to women by becoming academically qualified and to contribute to the society in a positive manner while enjoying the benefits of being a successful working woman.

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