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All I Need Is Good Students

Sooner or later any education professional faces a question crucial for the successful development of his or her career: why does it happen that I can feel free and work effectively with some groups of students, and at the same time I am totally unable to cope with a different group? Does it depend on how good the students are? Then who are the good students for me?

A good student for every teacher is a person who is eager to satisfy the teaching needs of the professor and, thus, the question really refocuses on the teacher, rather than a learner. For certain teachers it is absolutely vital to see the students who are disciplined, pay attention to every word of their professor, being all ears, write everything down, perform all tasks, never ask additional questions and quietly leave the classroom after the bell. At the same time, another professor will look for a totally different type of “good” learners. If the teacher perceives the process of education as communication and interaction, the needs will be totally different. What such a teacher will look for is the constant exchange of information and its processing with the classroom work being more a way to inspire, while tests are a way to file the facts and ideas in students’ heads. Certainly, the good type will be a non-conformist thinker and a bit of a rebel, enthusiastic, curious to learn more and eager to ask questions, but hardly interested in listening patiently to a boring lecture.

So, the conclusion that can be drawn from this idea is the fact that whether the students are good or bad depends entirely on the teacher. In order to get good learners, any professor must analyze teaching needs and values.

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