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An Essay about Life

Life of Man Is in His Own Hands

Throughout history the concept of fate had been very popular among people of various countries, nations, epochs and races. Ancient Greeks thought that even gods did not have power over Fate and should succumb to it, Indians from their very birth belong to this or that caste and their life is determined by it from the start up to the end, Chinese believe in a proper way for every human being. In less radical form similar ideas exist in public consciousness of all the nations.
But does it mean that, this assumption being so universal, it is true and should be trusted? Is the human’s way in life really determined by some force outside him and all he is capable of doing is to obey to it?

I think, no. As we can judge from history, Christianity, the first and the only religion and ideology that proclaimed that every person has his or her own free will and takes every decision by himself, led to the appearance of the culture that has expanded all over the world and dictates its laws to others, much more ancient ones. Is it a coincidence?

I think, no. The idea that life is in a person’s own hands bred such a powerful culture that managed to win the world when the older ones continued to meditate upon themselves must be quite demonstrative. And what is true for the culture is surely true for a single human. The only thing one has to do to change his life is to believe it to be his own.

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