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Are You Sure You Would Like to Be the Boss?

If you ask typical graduates about their ambitions, you are very likely to hear that they would like to get a well-paid job, build up a career and finally become the bosses. But is it really always nice, interesting and rewarding to occupy the highest position in a firm?

  • Being the boss means the highest degree of responsibility. He approves all major steps, changes and decisions. The boss makes the strategy of the development and in case of failure for any reason he will be the person to blame.
  • Being the boss means that you are hated. Certainly hatred is not the only feeling that employees can experience in relation to their leader, there are also respect, trust and sometimes admiration. However, hatred, envy and jealousy are more difficult to accept and digest and most people may feel really unhappy if they realize that people feel so negative about them when the only reason for it is their superior position.
  • Being the boss means being constantly worried. Many people imagine that top-managers lead a glamorous life of cocktail-parties and business trips abroad. However, it is true only about major shareholders of certain successful corporations. Mainly, bosses lead a very stressful life as they have to keep both the shareholders and the employees happy and achieve stable, good results.

So, if you have read all above mentioned and still want it, try it and your dream is sure to come true. However, if you enjoy a proper work-life balance, feel more interested in your hobbies and family than in imaginary power; think twice before making your first career step.

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