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Baby Games

Babies are the fastest learners and every day brings something new to them. One day you see their first smile, very soon they reach a toy on their own, and here they are sitting and playing. That is why it is so important to observe the development of your child and to offer toys and games appropriate for the corresponding age.

When your baby is three months old, he or she can make one of the most important discoveries in life: hands are good for holding different things and putting them into the mouth. In order to facilitate the process for your little researcher, fix some toys above the cot. It will stimulate the desire of your baby to reach them. Soon you can also add a horizontal bar, which will help the baby practice and then sit in the bed. It is also a good age for getting a play mat made of different materials, jingling and rattling elements, buttons and zippers.

When your baby is four months old, he will enjoy little textile bags made of wool, cotton, silk and velvet that contain different fillers – beans, flour, cotton wool, paper, peas, coffee beans. The bags must be sewed securely to prevent any accident in the course of the game; but if the safety measures are taken, the bags will provide a wonderful exercise for training hands and fingers.

When your baby is seven or eight months old and can sit without assistance, buy a toy of the nesting blocks type. Your baby will spend hours studying the mystery of sizes and shapes, but soon he will learn to put them in the correct order.

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