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Can Reason be the Only Prerequisite for a Moral Decision?

“It isn’t logical, but I feel it is right”. How often have we heard this phrase – in life, in films, read it in fiction books, and it is always considered to be automatically correct, because it is so appealing for an average man to have his feelings proclaimed as the most exact indicator of morality, with all this cold and boring logic discarded as inhuman and evil. But, ironically, how much logic there is in this?

If a person’s feelings were always the best way to determine what is morally right, all people would have felt in the same way about everything. I am not speaking about fundamental principles now – we all understand that premeditated murder is bad, but what about killing somebody in self-defense? The opinions will differ. Some will say that a man has no right to kill a man under any circumstances. Others will say that the one who starts violence deserves to receive retaliation. These conclusions can be drawn both from logic and from feelings; but there is no definite answer that people’s feelings would have always given when asked.

Reason may give different answers as well, but reason, at least, shows us the whole line of thought which lead to a conclusion, and this conclusion doesn’t just appear out of the thin air. One can agree to reason or argue with it on its own ground, by its own methods, giving other arguments and so on. Feelings can only be met with other feelings; two people who feel differently cannot interact unless they use reason to prove their points – but being based on feelings, they are unprovable. Thus, the only viable method of making a decision is through reason.

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