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Classical Music for Younger Generation Essay

Should Classical Music Be Promoted to the Younger Generation?

Today we can very often hear complaints concerning the disgusting musical tastes of the younger generation that seem to have forgotten the entire musical culture of the ages passed and listen to something extremely unpleasant, unmusical and simply primitive. Classical music seems to be pushed aside and is retreating to the fringes of public appeal, leaving the battlefield to pop, rock and whatever else there is. So, shouldn’t we step in and somehow rectify the situation by promoting the true, correct classical music to the ones who constitute the majority of audience – the young people?

We can, of course, but will it be in any way useful? One cannot be taught to love something, no matter how early you start. If you try to cram a child’s head with Bach and Mozart since he is born, it may either lead him to loving, liking or immensely hating this kind of music. It is even worse than if you leave him alone – in this case he will, worst of all, be indifferent to it. But if he has some mild dislike for it and you continue to stuff him with classics, it will bring about hatred.

Young people will be young people. They will always listen to the music of their own, gradually changing in the course of time. I myself have passed through the evolution of liking first pop, then rock and heavy metal music; nowadays I think about the first one with disgust and about the second with indifference. I can’t say I am a lover of classical music now, but I like it better than 10 years ago. Nobody has taught me – I came here myself.

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