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Communication Essay

Role of New Communications in Our World

In the ages past, the world of every single human being, with rare exceptions, has been limited to a town he lived in, and some space around it. Everything beside it has been unknown, unknowable and almost mythical.

Today it is hard even to imagine such a situation. The world has grown smaller – much smaller, and not only in the sense that everyone who wishes can get into the opposite point of the globe in the matter of not even days, but hours. The real change has happened because of all the new methods of communications that changed the face of the world forever and entirely. The main achievement is that there is no longer need for getting in this opposite point of the globe. I can get all the necessary information, images, books, music and so on without even leaving my house, just like any person having an access to the Internet.

The free flow of information, the ability to immediately find the answer to any question (in the past you would have to visit a library in order to do it), the possibility of contacting everyone at any time of night and day – these are the true benefits that scientific and technical revolution has brought to us.

And, one of the most important things – the Internet makes the possibility of the state to control information almost impossible. Of course, there are and will be restrictions in certain countries, but people find new ways of evading them all the time, so the Internet is the first complete guarantee of the freedom of speech that has ever existed in this world.

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