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Comparison Essay on Living in One Place versus Moving Around?

Is It Better to Have Lived in One Place All One’s Life than to Have Moved around?

My best friend who still lives in Iowa will tell you that living where we grew up is enough of an adventure for her. She lives close to her extended family and has always had the same doctor. Her children fish in the river, take care of farm animals, and ride a yellow bus to school just as we did.

At heart I’m still a farm girl but I like trying new foods and walking in the mountains or along the sea shore. I started traveling after our graduation. From Chicago, in the northern part of Illinois to the southern border with Ohio, I was astonished at the differences I observed. The closer I got to Ohio the slower people spoke. They even moved more slowly.

I got all the way to east Texas having seen many beautiful sights. The difference between east Texas and Iowa really surprised me. I have to admit I had never known much about the outside world except for what I learned from television. Now I was astonished that there was a state in which people played tennis and went swimming outdoors – all year ‘round. I also saw segregation with my own eyes and the place where state executions still happen today.

I’ve also lived in Italy and Greece where I found out that even though people can’t always understand each other’s words, they can find other ways to communicate.

Being immersed in different landscapes and intriguing cultures is thrilling for me. I still live in Greece. I never complain of being bored. Meanwhile my best friend never complains of boredom either because she likes to stay put. When asked for advice though, I admit, I suggest stretching one’s boundaries and searching for new horizons.

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