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Conquering Your Hunger

Eating disorders are not an uncommon problem in the modern society. With very limited physical activity, fast food industry and a coach potato lifestyle, more and more people each year suffer from obesity. At the same time, a considerable number of people also try to fight this dangerous condition. Admitting the problem is a major step to success. However, it is also only one of the many obstacles a person must overcome on the way to the ideal body. The most serious challenge in this respect is the ability to suppress your hunger successfully. Here are several simple, yet effective tips on how to do it:

  • Eat regularly: nothing makes your body store fat more effectively than periods of starvation. But once you start eating a tiny portion of healthy food every four hours, your hunger will decrease considerably.
  • Do not ban certain foods: if you make a promise not to eat something and cut down on it severely, sooner or later your body will react with an unprecedented feeling of hunger which can only be satisfied with this very product.
  • Use a tomorrow trick: very often we have hunger attacks at night and suffer a lot from a horrible desire to eat something fatty and unhealthy; try persuading yourself that you will necessarily eat it first thing in the morning – you will surely eat it, but tomorrow.
  • Drink a lot of water and green tea: your stomach will not be empty and will stop sending “hungry” signals to the brain.
  • Motivate yourself with the love to your ideal body which exists, but is currently covered with some fat you are trying to burn.

Believe me, all your efforts will be crowned with success if you learn how to control yourself and become a master of your body and mind.

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