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Critical Essay on 1984 by George Orwell

The genre of dystopia is a well-known thing now and one can see dozens of books of various quality written in it every year. There are, however, very few of them that can compete with the novel that practically founded the genre or, at least, created the most laws and tropes used by writers working in it even now.

Written in 1948 and set in hypothetic 1984, where the whole world is controlled by three super-states constantly waging war against one another, the book by Orwell is a brilliant work of fiction describing in minute details the totalitarian state of future, supplied with all kinds of high technologies making impossible not only the private life, but even thinking the wrong thought and speaking with wrong words. Such words and phrases as “Big Brother is watching you”, “newspeak”, “5-minutes hate” have left the pages of the book and found their place in everyday language.

It is, of course, not the only work by George Orwell, the author of the excellent “Animal Farm”, but is the one that earned him immortality as a writer. The very idea of oppressive government control encroaching even such, it may seem, unreachable sphere as the language itself and the understanding of the fact that without a word to name a concept there is no way to express the concept itself has been first showed by none other than George Orwell in 1984.

The style, the language, the imagery, the psychological strain building up as the…

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