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Critical Essay on The Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington

The Clash of Civilizations is a magnum opus of a prominent American political scientist Samuel Huntington, known for his specific views on the new world order that is sure to emerge in the post-Cold War era. In this book he expresses most of his views concerning this subject.

According to him, the times of a bipolar world in which two superpowers had to coexist in precarious balance without letting each other assume too much influence is gone forever together with the Soviet Union. However, he refuses the idea of a unified world with its center in the United States. According to him, with the disappearance of the previous balance, another one has to appear; this time based not on the socio-economical formations, but on the civilization backgrounds of states.

Thus, the Western civilization turns out to be not the only one, but one of many, along with Chinese, Japanese, Hindu and so on, each one having one core state and several lesser states that are supported by it.

However, to my mind, this division can hardly be considered viable. Yes, Indian politicians, for example, may say that Hinduism is the major basis of Hindu civilization, but they would tell it to pacify the population, not because they really believe in it. They are much more interested in the Western ways of doing business, industry and so on, than in their ancient religion that lies in the foundation of their civilization. So, I think that…

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