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Death Essay

Facing the Fact That Death Is Inevitable

Modern people tend to treat their predecessors with a degree of condescension if not disdain, considering all who have lived before them to be in some ways inferior to them. Sometimes it is justified, sometimes it is not. And one of the spheres in which it is not always justified is the general attitude towards death.

Modern society tries to shun all the notions of death whenever they appear. It should be avoided as a topic of conversation, because it belongs to the range of not-so-decent ones. It shouldn’t be the object of jokes – at least, the good-tasted ones. It shouldn’t be mentioned to children. In general, one shouldn’t think about it at all.

The reason is not, in fact, the idea of its unimportance. When something is avoided as rigorously as mentioning death, it may mean anything but not the fact that it is unimportant. The reason behind it, as usual, is simple – fear. People are afraid of death, and try to alleviate this fear by doing everything not to think about it in their everyday life. But is it reasonable?

In the Middle Ages, for example, death was considered to be an integral part of everyday’s existence. We live on earth, but one day we shall die and live again, all according to what we did here. It was simple – there wasn’t that terror of death that is usually ascribed to medieval people. It is what we feel now. They felt death as a fact of reality that is always there and with which now one can do anything but to prepare to it properly. Isn’t it much more reasonable than to close your eyes and pretend it is not here?

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