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Death Penalty Essay

Is Death Penalty Acceptable?

The death penalty is one of the most controversial topics of the modern world, and rightly so. While it has been abolished in the majority of Western states and in some of the states of the USA, it is still widely used in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Some states of the USA also use it, but here it is accompanied with so much legal procedure that condemned prisoners spend years and decades on the death row and quite often die before getting to the execution. And, of course, there are always activists who want it restored – either in general, or for some particular case. Movements in support of the capital punishment usually appear after some particularly vicious crime happens.

And it may even seem reasonable. If a person has done something so dreadful that he is considered to be ineligible for ever being set free again, why honest people have to pay in order to keep him alive? Isn’t he already as good as dead?

But this opinion doesn’t take into account one little thing – the imperfection of the law enforcement system. It consists of people who, just like any other people, tend to make mistakes. There are very few crimes that have really irrefutable proofs of someone’s guilt; there are always cases when the court has to decide on the basis of incomplete data. And even if one condemned from a thousand is an innocent man, there is no justification for the whole procedure. And, moreover – if the state is given the right to kill and pardon at will, what right will it assume next, when this will be considered to be not enough?

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