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Drugs Essay

Why Drugs Cause So Much Harm?

Drug abuse is considered to be a very delicate topic and there is a point of view that everyone is supposed to support it with all the others being indecent in the very least. I, however, want to present a few ideas that seem not to occur to the majority of people.

Are drugs harmful and dangerous? Yes, they sure are. But what exactly makes them so harmful and dangerous? It may seem to be peculiar, but it is the fact that we fight against them so much. In the present situation drugs are dangerous not only for the person who uses them, but mostly for those who are close to him. The need for a “fix” is so great that an addict cannot think about anything else and is ready for any crime in order to obtain money for it. If you ask me, I don’t care for the addict – he has already shown that he is stupid enough by becoming one; it is the danger for normal people that is worst about the drugs.

But why normal people are in such a danger? Because drugs, being hard to get and dangerous to sell, are expensive. The situation is paradoxical – the state outlaws drugs, making them hard to obtain and thus raising their price, and then battles enormous organizations that have appeared for the sheer reason of the drugs being outlawed. Isn’t it obvious that the best way to defeat drug mafia is to make its existence unprofitable? This idea may seem to be horrible, but, frankly, there is hardly any other logical way of dealing with that problem.

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