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Essay about Global Warming

Climategate and Belief in the Global Warming

To tell the truth, I have never treated the theory of global warming very seriously – I studied in a school with a very tangible ecological bias and my years there taught me only one thing – to immensely dislike Greenpeace and associated organizations and distrust everything they say. Taking into account how many apocalyptic events that are prophesied every day under seemingly scientific pretexts (ozone hole, mad cow disease, atypical pneumonia, bird flu, pig influenza, millennium bug, etc.) just to be completely forgotten a couple of years after the world is supposed to have been long ago ended make it highly unlikely that yet another prophecy of the same kind has any connection to reality.

And in the end of 2009 I thought that the global warming would finally be forgotten as well. The reason to think so was the so-called “Climategate” scandal, when a number of e-mails written by high-ranking employees of the University of East Anglia (one of the major sources of statistical data behind the global warming research) were made public and showed that they repeatedly falsified information, interpreted it in such a way as to make the cause of the global warming stronger, hushed the opposing opinions and so on. However, this whole case has been forgotten surprisingly fast, merely several weeks after the actual scandal, which makes me believe that there are other, more powerful interests, involved.

All in all, I don’t see any reason to believe any idea that is so openly used for political purposes (now-president Obama has paid much attention to the global warming in his election campaign).

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