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Essay about Home

What Is the Relation Between Home and its Owner?

A person in course of his or her life leaves a lot of traces and imprints of personality on things that surround him or her. One can say a lot about a person judging by his clothes, the works of art he likes, the pets he keeps. And of course, what can be a better reflection of a person, than the place where he spends so much time – home? Well, maybe some people don’t spend most of their time at home, but at least they spend it there regularly.

The longer a man lives somewhere, the more his home reminds of him when you look at it. I don’t even mean decoration, although it is a very important factor as well; I mean the way things are arranged, whether the place is kept in apple-pie order or not, whether there are these little personal things that say so much about the interests and affections of the owner, and so on. The person undoubtedly influences the place of living, which is clearly understood because even if a house is fully furnished but uninhabited, one will immediately feel it upon entering.

The opposite is, of course, also true. Not only the consciousness determines being, but being also determines consciousness. A man that got into unfamiliar surroundings that do not correspond to his personality and cannot be changed is very often somewhat altered by such a situation, although not completely. And this fact only proves once more the interconnectedness of the person and his place of living. They both influence each other and the extent of this influence is unique for every particular case.

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