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Essay about Me

My Personal Statement

Since my earliest childhood I was always fascinated by the idea of knowing how everything is constructed and why things happen this way and none other. At different periods of time this fascination took different forms: from reading a lot of books that were not exactly supposed to be read by children (encyclopedias, medical reference books, popular science magazines) in my earliest years, to being obsessed with chemistry at school. Finally, this very idea served as the foundation of my decision of what career to pursue and made me to apply to a college accordingly.

At the present moment I study at Oakburg Community College, majoring in Theoretical Physics. In this discipline I have found what I have always looked for – the way to really see how the things function, what makes them tick, of what they consist and why. At first, I had a number of problems, because I never was very much interested in Physics while at high school, but my own dedication to perfect in these studies and the support of my family made it possible for me to overcome all the difficulties and get all the necessary good grades. At the present moment I am through my fourth semester here and see no obstacles to finishing the course and achieving the first of my long-term goals – that is, to get Associate’s Degree in Theoretical Physics.

Outside studies, I try to be as multilateral person as it is possible without wasting my energy. I read a lot of books, both scientific and fiction, go in for sports and lead a social life to a certain degree, although I dedicate most of my time to studying.

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