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Essay on Best Friend

What Is the Best Friend?

Friendship is a concept that is familiar to everyone; almost any person may point at someone and say that it is his or her best friend. But the meaning put into this word may be very different. Somebody may remember a well-known proverb “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and point out that the best friend is a person that will come to your aid at any moment without asking questions and won’t ask for anything in return. But is it really the most important point in this kind of relationship?

I think, no. If you consider immediate help to be the most important element of friendship, then you may just as well consider the 911-service members to be your best friends, because they do generally come to your aid when you are in trouble. But what is the thing that makes them different from your real best friend?

And this thing, I suppose, is nothing else but common interests, or common obsession, or common work. Friends are not actually very interested in each other; what they are mostly interested in is something they do (know, discuss, love) together. It may be anything – from playing videogames to discussing ancient Greek philosophy, but friends are interested in each other as long as they are, well, interesting to each other. The best friend may, of course, help you when you get into trouble, but, let us be honest, it is not his main function. He will do it for the sheer reason that it interferes with such an interesting relationship, will try to get rid of the problem as soon as it is possible and get back to your common work.

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