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Essay on Communication

Importance of Verbal Communication

I have once read a rather queer article, which stated that, according to some recent research, 90% of all interpersonal communication is non-verbal and non-verbal communication is in general more effective and important than the verbal one. To tell you the truth, I am rather at a loss when it comes to commenting on it. How may this be calculated, where is logic in this assumption and how is non-verbal communication supposed to be that wide-spread in the age when people very often don’t see and sometimes even hear their interlocutors?

And even if we don’t take this fact into account, how can these two types of communication be even compared in importance? The most important thing that differentiates human from animals is not the ability to reason, but the ability to put the reasoning into words. We are not sure about some animals being able to think, but we are quite sure that none of them are able to talk – that is, communicate in the way we do.

Language, the ability to establish correlations between objects, concepts, ideas and symbols – written and oral – is the prerogative of human beings, and is the single most important thing that has ever been invented, effectively making a really sentient being out of an animal.

Of course, one cannot deny that non-verbal communication is important in some cases. But it is still a rudimentary function, something that has been left from the times when there was no other way to convey messages from one another. It may support and supplement language, but not replace. Try to convey a message only by talking and only by non-verbal means and decide what is easier.

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