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Essay on Drugs

Hopeless War on Drugs

In this or that form the war on drugs is fought in all or almost all countries of the world, as it is considered to be one of the major social evils that affects the existence of the human race to quite a considerable extent. But here we, just like in many other cases, see the truth of the following principle: the more eagerly you fight something, the stronger it becomes.

For centuries before drugs have not been considered much of a problem they were treated as a bad habit, or just a habit, without any negative connotations. They were sold and bought more or less like everything else; some quite famous people were known for using them and seemingly were not ostracized because of it.

But in the course of the 20th century they suddenly came to be considered the major evil, one of the most vicious things in existence – the war on drugs has begun. And the result followed immediately. With drugs being hard to get, their prices rapidly increased. Seeing that trading them offers good financial opportunities, various drug mafias and cartels have emerged. The addicts, having to get money in order to get the now more expensive drugs, began to resort to crime more and more often.

It is ironic, but the state’s intrusion and nothing else has created the drug industry in its modern sense. Drugs are, of course, disgusting and cause tremendous harm; but I would prefer that its harm was confined to those who decide to take them willingly. The war on drugs makes life more dangerous for everyone, whether he has something to do with drugs or not.

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