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Essay on Education

Change of Education Paradigms Throughout History

Education, just like any other activity performed by human beings, was and is the subject of constant development, change and, hopefully, evolution. We can’t be very sure about what it was in times before generally known history, but we know for sure that it changed considerably since the times of ancient Greece and Rome, to which belong the first more or less plausible bits of information concerning this sphere. Students in Greek academies just walked around listening to the teacher and discussing things with him; one can hardly associate this wit education in our times.

The Middle Ages brought about a considerably different principle, which left its imprint on the education and is discernible even now. The education then was based on memorizing and repetition, with the materials memorized and repeated not changing in the course of years.

In the 20th century we have seen an ever-growing tendency of equalization: modern pedagogy tries to persuade us that everybody is equal: teachers and students, stupid students and clever students, hard-working and lazy ones. It insists on cooperation between them all, which in the long run is supposed to bring benefit to everyone.

However, in my opinion, it is exactly the worst way education may choose from now on. Yes, educational paradigm needs significant change, but the one of completely different nature. The problem with modern education is not in its authoritative nature, but in the fact that it is directed in the wrong way. It does not teach students to live and work in the real world. It is purely academic with no hope for a student ever to apply the received knowledge to anything. That is what has to change.

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