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Essay on Home

Home Is the Place to Come Back to

Home is one of the concepts that seems to be easy and understandable at the first glance, but cannot actually be defined at all once you give it a thought. After all, what is home? It is not simply walls and roof of the building you live in, it is something a lot more complex and difficult to grasp. One can refer to some place from his distant childhood, where he spent several years of his now long life, as “home”, although he haven’t seen it for decades, and not consider his current abode to be one. What is the meaning of all this?

It is as follows: home is the place you feel like coming back. No matter in what circumstances and as a result of what. You may want to come back to it when you are completely broken and full of despair, not knowing what to do next and how to live on. Or you may want to return to it after some great success and either look at all the ways you have made since the time you lived there, or bring your success there, make it felt in the place you love most.

It is hard to lose one’s true home, the place you are particularly attached to, but very often we have to undergo such a tragedy. Yet, the true home is never lost completely – it may belong to someone else, it may have ceased to exist even long ago, but as long as it is in your memory, your home is with you, and you are not alone.

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