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Essay on How I Could Choose An Original Idea For My Doctoral Thesis

Original Ideas for Doctoral Thesis

There are usually so many ideas in my head as to where to go to party, or when to have rest after a hard day in the university. But when it comes to writing some academic papers, I totally lose all my ideas and come to a complete deadlock as to what to do and what to write. But recently I have found a way out of my troubles with writing and finding appropriate ideas. Now I want to share this method with you.

There are several ways that allow to find appropriate ideas for doctoral thesis and other papers. First of all, the most effective way is brainstorming. In order to master this technique, it is necessary to let your mind plunge into a world of ideas that are associated with the topic you have. In this method the most important thing is not to reject any ideas, no matter how useless they may seem to you at once. You have to write down all of them; you may leave filtering for later. It is also useful to brainstorm ideas with your friends or relatives, as here two heads are definitely better than one. After you complete brainstorming, you will have to go through your list and get rid of the unnecessary ideas, as well as structure the remaining ones so as you knew what to write.

Another convenient way to find ideas is to search the web or books for works on similar topics and trying to find ideas in them. It is also an effective way, and it is easily combined with brainstorming. Here the main point is not to plagiarize – you should cite all the borrowed ideas according to the formatting style you require.

So, there are many ways to find ideas for doctoral thesis – you just have to concentrate and not to lose heart – the secret of success is not too difficult.

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