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Essay on Love

Love as the Motive Power Behind People’s Actions

Of course it would be an exaggeration to say that the entire history of humankind is determined by love, but one cannot deny that it plays quite an important role in the affairs of men. And here I am not speaking about such humdrum examples as Helen of Troy, passion that overwhelms reason, etc. For one thing, love in its romantic sense is not the only kind of love in existence. Love for a member of a family, for one’s work, for an enterprise created and moved about by your sole effort is love as well, although of somewhat different kind. Second, its another and more important influence is caused indirectly.

I mean that not a single decision taken under the influence of love as a feeling serves best to prove that love may play important part in our lives, but the whole line of action a person takes. Love is an excellent motivator to make an effort or efforts – when a person does not limit his estimate of all the alternative actions he may do under the circumstances by how he will feel after it and starts worrying about how the loved one is going to think about it, he strives to choose the line of action that he consideres to be the best. Nothing can prove to be better to improve a person than love, for it is the only situation in which a human tries to look at himself from outside and be satisfied with what he sees.

Love is the feeling that finds most problems with expressing itself directly. Being sublimated, it leads to all kinds of surprising results in a lot of other spheres.

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