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Essay on Music

Role of Music in Our Life

It is no exaggeration to say that music plays an enormous role in people’s lives. There are relatively few people who work in this sphere directly or have any extensive knowledge of it, but it does not in any way limit the ability of an average and completely ignorant (in what concerns music) person to listen to his or her favorite melodies and being happy about it.

A lot of human activities are traditionally accompanied with music or even based on it; even though we rarely, for example, watch a film exclusively in order to listen to soundtrack, if it is absent we will feel ill at ease. Social, religious, political and other activities are always accompanied with various kinds of music associated with them; to a certain extent it may be called a universal language that is understood by everyone, no matter what languages people speak in reality.

And, speaking about more personal affections, music serves as a very good background for any activity. Some people even say that they are unable to work (physically or mentally) if their work is not accompanied by music of this or that kind.

Yes, music can be called one of the most democratic arts, for it requires the least effort to be perceived. In order to perceive a book or a picture, a man has to concentrate to this or that extent; a symphony may even be perceived in background, without actively working to understand it. That is why music finds a lot more reflection in the so-called mass culture than painting and literature – and it is neither good nor bad. It is just the way things are.

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