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Essay on Racism

What Is So Attractive about Racism?

Throughout the history of humankind racism and its close relatives have always easily found followers among the masses, no matter what race, nation and state they belonged to. It seems to be a really alluring ideology if, being so absurd in its basis, it still manages to find supporters even now, in the age when it seems to be obvious that no racial determinism is defining what every separate individual is. So, what is so attractive about it?

The answer is – it is very simple, even primitive, and easily understandable for every halfwit. In fact, it is mostly alluring for halfwits, because it is so pleasant to have an idea, the one which you can understand and follow. It is very simple and flattering, for, when you know that you belong to the superior race, it doesn’t matter what your individual qualities, successes, abilities are; you are automatically better than any representative of another race, no matter how much cleverer, wealthier and more successful he is. On the contrary – you are living so bad because you have been robbed by the representatives of inferior races who stole what is rightfully yours. That is why racism is the ideology of the masses – educated people may follow and even direct the trend when it is profitable for them, but I can hardly believe they can actually consider it to be right.

Every person can only be judged according to his own actions, abilities and decisions. If there is any genetic influence on all these aspects, it is close to a minimum. And the only person who feels better being a racist is the one who cannot be superior in any other way.

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