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Essay on Teaching

What Makes a Good Teacher

A teacher is a very peculiar vocational choice, for, unlike other professions, it works not with things and minds, but, if it is possible to say so, with minds to be, to this or that extent.

A student, due to his or her age and lack of knowledge, cannot be considered a full-fledged personality. Of course, there is different level of formation in a child in a Kindergarten and an undergraduate student, but there are still blanks that can be filled, and the teacher is the one who is supposed to be filling them.

The problem becomes more difficult because the teacher is not some kind of psychological engineer that can willingly introduce the necessary changes into the mind of a student. He can only influence his students in certain ways, and the rest is up to them – whether they react as the teacher presupposed or in a completely different way cannot be said with full confidence before they make their decision.

Teacher should not only impart knowledge with them, he should do it in a way that makes students want to learn something from him. That is the reason why some people are called teachers with God-given talent – they can do it, even if they don’t undergo any special training. And vice versa, a man may receive a diploma in pedagogy and still not be able to instill in his charges nothing with the possible exception of boredom, no matter which patented method he chooses to use. However, this happens only in case of really great anti-talent. In the majority of cases one can learn to do it properly.

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