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Essay Sample on Single Experience Every Human Being Should Have


Of the many actions and interactions a person may experience on a given day, there is one that stands out from the rest in lending purpose to life. This experience can assume a legion of forms, and may be an element of many human activities. However, its pursuit transforms the activity or the moment for that person who deliberately undertakes it. This event is called “enabling”.

The person who cares for an individual in need enables the life capacities of another. He who intentionally builds a structure, whether of wood, stone, or Legos – of any material or component pieces – is enabling the existence of a new creation. When we apply a skill to a purpose – may the technique involve writing, dancing, cooking, experimenting, or analyzing – we enable an ability of our own to result in a separate productive reality.

Though human activities may all be considered actions which impact one’s surroundings, the experience of enabling involves intention. Such intention entails efforts towards fulfilling a wish. The enabling activity arises from the unique human desire to achieve or create. Whether caring or selfish, practical or artistic, the enabling experience is unique in its origins and its effects. An enabler works to accomplish an event or a change, in order to create an outcome. The motive to produce does not arise from the same source as the innate drive to kill in order to eat. It results from thoughts and feelings outside the realm of basic instinct. The desire to produce, and deliberate focus on the undertaking, are central to the experience of the enabler.

Human beings are commonly caught in routines of reactive and immediate behaviors, often classified as instinct. Another force which regulates our deportment is training. Training and reaction generally govern the most frequent routine life choices that people exercise. However, the moment of enablingof creating a result through intention – is not merely separate from the routine, it is that experience which affords to our activities a value which could not otherwise be enjoyed, and which imparts to human life the possibility of being complete.

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