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As far as I remember myself, I have always been interested in computers, how they work, how they are constructed and what makes them “tick”. When I first set before a computer when I was, if I am not mistaken, six years of age, I immediately realized that it was what I wanted to do in my life. For some time, just like the majority of children, I have been interested in computer games, but it was very fast pushed to the sidelines, as I got to things that were really fascinating.

Because, after all, it is much more interesting to create on your own, than to deal with someone other’s creations. Thus, I began to study various software, like Photoshop and Dreamweaver, tried to create my own web-pages, started to study programming; when at school, I participated in any kind of extracurricular activities that were related to computers in any way, and so on.

It was only natural for me to choose Computer Science as my major when at college, with paying special attention to programming and design. My next goal is to receive a Master’s degree in computer science with a PhD in the same field as a possible future prospect. I consider the scholarship in question as a very good opportunity for me to find application to the knowledge I have managed to amass both by myself and under the guidance of my teachers, while, of course, further develop it with the help of even more highly qualified specialists. I have information that there is some very interesting innovative research under way in the Old Santshire University, and would be very eager to take part in it in future.

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