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Relation Between Money and Happiness

This topic is extremely amusing for one rather strange reason – although all or almost all people seem to be trying to earn money and constantly try to earn more, it is for some inexplicable reason considered to be indecent to say that money and happiness have some direct relation. If you look for the texts on this topic, you will find scores of them expressing the idea that money do not always provide happiness, even on the contrary, money take happiness away, that a wealthy businessman is generally less happy than a shabby housewife and so on. In my opinion, all these texts are based on one rather simple feeling – envy.

Not being wealthy and lacking the spirit to fight to become wealthy, people seem to be comforting themselves, stating that they are much better off than all these show-offs. I can only answer with a paraphrase of one of the proverbs based on the same feeling: it is better to be wealthy and healthy than poor and sick.

Money may not be the source of all happiness, but you are far less likely to be happy if you don’t have it. And, in my opinion, to make money is the most noble and right thing one can do in this world. One can say that the noblest thing is to help others, and I may answer: Aren’t you likely to be able to do more good if you already have money to support your wish?

Of course, money does not guarantee happiness. But, after all, it is better to cry in a limo than in a bus.

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