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Essay on Leadership

Relationship Between the Leader and His Followers

Leader as an entity cannot be closed in itself – it is, first of all, about the interconnection between the leader and his followers. There are, of course, various kinds of leadership, and they presuppose existence of certain models of behavior, but some things remain more or less the same no matter what.

One of the first things that make effective leader is the ability to delegate responsibility. If the leader always tends to do everything by himself, it will lead to two consequences: first, he simply won’t have time to do everything he needs; second, very soon his followers will start feeling that he either doesn’t trust them or considers them to be incompetent, which is equally bad.

Another important moment is to recognize the successes of the followers and not concentrate attention on their failures. If somebody does something good, the leader shouldn’t take it in his stride, but pay some attention and praise the follower, at least slightly. If somebody makes a mistake, no matter how serious it is, the leader shouldn’t concentrate attention on it, but instead should always give the one responsible a possibility to save his face – he will be grateful for this in future.

Of course, if it is clear that diplomatic methods like these are not enough to improve a follower, it is better to get rid of him altogether. If a person is incompetent and does not want to study, there is nothing he may be useful for.

All in all, leadership is a complicated system, and to success in it one has to take into account a lot of aspects – like the above described ones.

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