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Essays on Racism

Unwanted Results of War on Racism

The Western society and the American society in particular has been battling racism for the good part of the 20th century and, as it seems, there is no more racist principles lying in the foundation of our life. But is it really so?

The manner in which racism has been denounced for the last several decades has become the source of another phenomenon that is in no way better than what existed before and, in some points, even worse. I am speaking about the so-called affirmative action, which provides benefits and priorities for the members of racial minorities just for the sake of them belonging to these minorities. It means that a company hiring a new employee still cannot do it on the sole basis of the person’s value as a worker. It has to have certain quotas of people belonging to the racial minorities and, if in a crucial moment the employer will prefer an excellent white worker to an incompetent black one, this black one has a full right to denounce the company of being racist, although the only reason for him being refused is his own incompetence.

In order to be really racism-free, the society should eliminate any activities that grant benefits to people for the sheer sake of them belonging to this or that race irrespectively of their personal qualities. Because what it is if not racism, although peculiarly twisted and reverted? Until every person is judged only as a person and not as a member of minority or majority, we cannot say that there is no racism in the society we live in.

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