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Euthanasia Essay

Attitude Towards Euthanasia in Modern Society

The issue of euthanasia is growing more and more controversial in the course of time and especially recently. There are two points of view on this subject. According to one, every human being should have the right to end his life when the suffering he goes through becomes unbearable. According to the other, euthanasia (i.e., “good death”) remains a murder, no matter what nice words we use to describe it and what positive pretexts we use in order to justify it. Every doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath, swearing to protect the life of the patient and, what is more important, not to harm him in any way. But which of these two points of view is more reasonable?

The main point here, as far as I am concerned, is the thing about “the right to die”. Although I cannot approve of suicide, it still may be considered as the person’s realization of his right to die. But what a terminally ill patient asks for is somewhat different – he is not committing suicide, he asks his doctor to kill him, which means that it is the doctor who takes responsibility for the action.

And there is another kind of euthanasia, which is even more gruesome, when the doctor himself or the relatives of the victim decide to put the victim to death, “out of mercy”. In this case, of course, there cannot be any ambiguity – it is a crime in its own right. A good demonstration that it is not just ending the life of an already dead person is that, for example, people in coma may come around even ten years later.

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