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Euthanasia – How Rightful is the Right to Die?

The modern world lives according to the principle that comfort and easiness of existence is more important than the existence itself. More and more often we can hear the appeals to the public and the officials to either enable this particular person to die or make the so-called euthanasia an accepted practice in general. The reasons for it seem to be simple and understandable – the people to be euthanized are hopelessly sick, cannot be treated and, most often, suffer too much for their lives to be considered of any value by themselves.

We, however, should look a little bit closer at what euthanasia is. People who want to be put to death in that way are not merely suicidal; no, they don’t want to kill themselves. They want somebody else, other person, or society take responsibility for killing them. It is as if they felt that suicide is wrong and wanted somebody from outside to approve of their decision. And, while suicide is bad enough, this is much worse – because it doesn’t only imply the inability to live on, but also the inability to take decision for oneself.

People do have a right to die – in a sense that someone who truly wishes to commit suicide hardly can be stopped. But people asking for euthanasia don’t use their right to die – they ask for permission; they want to commit suicide without making their hands dirty, without taking responsibility for it, as if the license received from the state makes the act of suicide any less gruesome. And this approach, even taking into account their suffering, can hardly be considered heroic.

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