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Love for Stability

For the best part of the history the main aspiration of your average human was to achieve stability. Initially the life of every person was as stable as it is possible – in the majority of cases his entire fate had been determined by the family into which he was born. A king’s son became a king, a peasant’s one – a peasant, a craftsman’s – a craftsman. The circulation between positions was minimal.

But the further the humankind develops, the less stable our existence is. It brings with itself two consequences: opportunity and risk, although the majority seems to be seeing risks only. During the last two centuries this love for stability transformed into the following scheme of a god life: to go to school, to apply to a good college or university, to get education, to be employed by a good, stable firm, work there for about 40 years, make a career if possible, and then retire and live on your pension for the rest of your life.

But we are living in the age when stability, it seems, can finally cease to be an ideal. More and more often people understand that the stable, unchanging work for one and the same employer in the course of years is not the best option. For in this case you are paid not for your effort, but for your time and it doesn’t make much difference whether you work a lot or not – in most cases you’ll be paid the same amount. There is no motivation for progress and little space for development.

In my opinion, future belongs to those who work for themselves.

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