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Fight Club Essay

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Fight Club, a novel that publishers at first were hesitant to print, has since its release in 1996 acquired what is called “cult” status, was adapted for screen and made its author world famous. But what is so special about it that it bred such a considerable following?

Well, first of all, it is something as simple as boredom. The text follows the fate of quite an ordinary man who manages to start something like a revolt against the society, first learning how to unleash his hidden animal instincts and then going to creating a paramilitary organization, the goal of which was to eliminate the civilization itself.

Second, it is a fashionable nowadays trend, namely – declared hatred for the consumer society. It is considered to be of good taste to denounce its evilness, the way it destroys the individuality and so on. Which is rather amusing, taking into account that about 95% of those who are so much opposed to it and consider it to be their duty to read and admire books like Fight Club are quite contented to live in such a society and use all its benefits.

But there is a thing that seems to avoid the majority of fans of this book, another motive, the one of a genie released from a bottle. The protagonist creates the Fight Club as the protest against society – and even after he realizes that his creation is not exactly as nice as he considered it to be previously, he can do nothing to stop it from expanding, doing violence and undermining the civilization itself. And, in my opinion, this motive is exactly what this book is supposed to say.

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