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Five Things That Are Worth Teaching Your Baby Before the First Birthday

One-year old child seems very little, but there are certain important skills which you should help him acquire as early as possible.

  1. Teach your baby to entertain himself.
  2. This vital point is often neglected by the most loving and caring parents. Somehow we tend to forget about the time any individual needs to absorb and reflect upon the new knowledge acquired. Even a baby needs to play on his own for at least 10-15 minutes a day.

  3. Teach him how to get down from bed.
  4. Do not limit the little explorer too much, as you will not be able to predict every possible threat, but teach him to be careful and cautious. When he reaches the edge, teach him to turn round and first put the feet down. It will not take long for him to learn the lesson.

  5. Teach your baby to call you.
  6. While playing with your baby, ask someone from your family to call you “Mummy” and appear at once. Soon the baby will know that it is enough to get you and crying and shouting will not be necessary.

  7. Teach him the meaning of the phrase “Do not do that!”
  8. To make the phrase effective, do not use it too often and limit your bans. Only apply them to something really dangerous such as a gas cooker or an electric socket.

  9. Teach your baby to be polite.
  10. Certainly, it is no use teaching an infant phrases like “Thank you”, “You are welcome” and “Good afternoon”, but it is possible to teach him wave goodbye. The easiest way to do it is your own example.

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