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Religion and Science: Allies or Rivals?

There is an opinion that is very popular among not very educated atheists – namely, that science disproves all the tenets of religion ignorant people used to believe for centuries: that earth is flat, that God literally made the human out of clay, that Creation literally lasted seven days, etc. This opinion makes not very educated believers very, very crazy, although they are not always capable of saying why.

But the truth is, both educated believers and educated atheists, let alone the scientists, know perfectly well that science has very little to do with proving or disproving the existence of God. The fact is, there are no scientific discoveries that are in direct opposition with anything that is stated by the Church; some things are mutually supporting, others are not, but there is nothing that is in direct opposition. For example, none of the beliefs mentioned above belong to the Church’s tenets, no matter what anybody thinks.

The reason why it is so is simple – science and religion deal with two very different spheres of human existence that do not crisscross very often. In short, science deals with “how” and religion deals with “what for”, and there is no reason for them to ever be in any kind of opposition.

Science has little to do with morals and ethics; religion has little to do with physical processes and laws. But only in cooperation one can help another – to keep science within the boundaries of ethics, to keep the religion within the boundaries of reality. Only together can they make the human existence full and really humane in the best meaning of this word.

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