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School Uniforms – Yes or No

I have always been surprised by those who support the idea of school uniforms and sometimes even go as far as propose to make them obligatory for all schools irrespectively of the opinion of their headmasters, students and parents. In my opinion, hearing such statements in a free country is something unpleasantly odd, for it feels like people consider that there is too much freedom around and it should be somewhat reduced.

Although it touches upon this rather unimportant matter of clothes, it is an alarming tendency nonetheless. Shouldn’t freedom of action be spread everywhere unless it influences the other people in negative way? Why should people be prescribed to wear a particular set of clothes when there is no need to do so? What is so alluring in a military barrack that makes so many people want to turn everything into it?

Maybe the idea of standardizing clothes in a certain way is not a bad one, but uniforms create exactly that military smell that, as far as I am concerned, nobody wants the schools to be associated with. Yes, dress-code for schools is a sound decision, for it helps to prevent people from wearing clothes that may offend the others. But the particular choice of clothes that somebody wears should never fall within the set of responsibility of the state’s officials. They have a say in too many spheres of public life already.

Thus, I consider the idea of school uniforms to be revolting to say the least. If it is supposed to breed discipline and mutual respect, then we should remember how much mutual respect there is in the army.

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