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Friendship Essays

What Is Friendship?

C.S. Lewis characterized friendship as the only kind of love (yes, he attributed friendship to love) that makes us similar to gods or angels, because it is the only kind of relationship in which the choice is made solely and exclusively by us, unlike parents, relatives, workmates and, to a certain extent, even spouses. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your social status, job, set of interests is; there will always be some people whom you consider to be your friends. They are not necessarily the ones who are always around and with whom you spend the majority of time – people may not see each other for years, communicate only accidentally and still remain good friends, ready, for example, to help each other when it is necessary.

Possible foundation for friendship also may be different and unlike the other ones, but generally they involve certain common interests. You may see it if you think about the people who surrounded you at various stages of your life. How many of your former school classmates are still around? In case when you were at school together and considered to be in good relations with each other you have not been related by anything besides some childish interests and school matters, there was nothing you could have given each other when you left school and all this remained in the past. Only the people who had in them something that continued to interest you remained in the vicinity, all the others have gone along their own ways.

That is the thing that makes friendship so important. Only with friends you can talk about things that really interest you, and that are really important for you.

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