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Genetically Modified Food Essay

Is Usage of Genetically Modified Food Immoral?

When I hear some things said by people who oppose usage of genetically modified products, as well as a great deal of other inventions in agricultural technology, I always want to remind them that just a several decades before, when major research in this field was either still under way or wasn’t even started yet, the world public has been seriously estimating the impending problem of global starvation that seemed inevitable in the face of ever growing population and stagnating agriculture. It was the Green Revolution of 1940-1970 that effectively averted the crisis and gave all these panic-mongers their satiated lives.

Genetically modified food is nothing more than a new step in the ongoing development of agriculture. As you probably know, the world’s population keeps growing and it will need new, more effective methods of food production. Moreover, even now, when the threat of hypothetic global starvation seems to be no longer all that menacing, there are quite rare cases of mass starvation in less developed countries of the world. It is no wonder that their leaders seem to be not in the least disturbed by the mythical side-effects of genetically modified products – they have people to feed in order to continue in office and thus have to be practical.

In general, I could…

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